In case of emergencies.

  1. Call 000
  2. When you call our phone number after hours, you will be diverted to our after hours locum home service.
    We have a contract with the WA deputising emergency medical service (WADMS) to provide after hours care in your home. This is billed the same way as at our surgery, which is bulk billed if you are a pensioner or healthcare card holder. Their direct number is 9321 9133. We use and recommend them as they hold the same high standards of care that we wish for all of our patients.
  3. If not urgent, please either call us on 9319 1577 or email us using our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Useful contacts

  • SES assistance in floods and storms: 132500
  • Police attendance: 131444
  • International incident emergency helpline: 1300555135 (Within Australia)
  • Outside Australia: 61262613305